Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 FP Fixed Pod Electric Drive


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    Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 FP Fixed Pod Electric Drive

    With Torqeedo’s Cruise 2.0 Pod Drive, electric drive systems are a true alternative to outboard auxiliaries or an aging Atomic Four inboard.

    The motor unit, proven successful in thousands of outboards, is just one component of an integrated system that offers superior performance and convenience. It is complemented by Torqeedo’s high-capacity lithium batteries and works with a new electronic throttle and state-of-the-art user interface. The system can be charged from shore, solar, and generator power. It can recharge its own batteries through hydro-generation while under sail.

    Separate 24-volt battery bank is required, and is not included with this pod drive.

    Key Features

    • Maximum efficiency for greater performance and range
    • Note: Motor requires a dedicated battery bank which must be separate from the house load
    • Includes GPS onboard computer and display: Real-time display of speed and input power, and also the exact battery status and remaining range when used in combination with the Power 26-104 lithium battery
    • Connection to TorqTrac premium onboard computer on your smartphone
    • Stable pylon made from marine grade anodized aluminum
    • Extra robust design protects against damage from debris and is wear-resistant and maintenance free
    • Can be used as hydro-generator to create power
    • High level of corrosion protection; saltwater-capable
    • Two-year limited warranty
    • Input Power: 2,000W
    • Voltage: 48V
    • Output Power: 1,120W (5hp equivalent propulsive power; 6hp equivalent thrust)
    • Static Thrust: 115lb.
    • Remote Control: Yes (remote throttle, fixed direction)
    • Battery Type: External (sold separately)
    • Max. Propeller Speed: 1,300rpm
    • Weight: 33.88lb.


    Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 FP Fixed Pod Electric Drive

    Operating Range

    Cruise 2.0 FP with one Power 26-104 battery or two 12V lead batteries

    Speed in knots (km/h) Range in nautical miles (km) Running time in hours:
    Slow 2.7 (5.0) 24.3 (45.0) 09:00
    Full throttle 6.0 (11.0) 10.5 (19.5) 01:45
    Battery Life 1 Hour 45 Minutes Full-Throttle
    9 Hours Slow Speed
    Best Use Cruise
    Comparable Horsepower 5 Horsepower
    Features Remote Capable
    Input Power 2000 Watts
    Output Power 1120 Watts
    Thrust 115 Pounds
    Type Fixed Pod Motors
    Voltage 24 Volts DC
    Warranty Details Two Years
    Weight 34 Pounds


    Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 FP Fixed Pod Electric Drive

    What’s Included

    • Motor complete with pylon, electronics box and v13/p4000 fixed propeller
    • Remote throttle with integrated display, connecting cable and mounting materials
    • Emergency magnetic kill switch
    • Cable set with main switch, fuse and bridge cable(s) (1 x for Cruise 2.0 FP, 3 x for Cruise 4.0 FP)
    • Mounting kit for pod drive
    • GPS receiver
    • Mounting material for electronics box (2 mounting angle brackets with bolts and nuts)
    • Operating manual
    • Warranty certificate
    • Packaging
    • Service booklet
    • 5 m/16.4′ data cable


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