2021 HONDA 9.9 HP BFP10D3XHT Power Thrust Outboard Motor


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    Horsepower: 9.9hp Power Thrust
    Shaft Length: 25″ (20″ Long shaft available)
    Starter Type: Electric (Manual Start Available
    Tilt & Trim: Power Tilt (Manual Available)

    The Honda 9.9 HP BFP10D3XHT Power Thrust Outboard Motor offers more of what you want. More battery charging power. Easier to use features. Quieter performance. Dependable performance in a portable package with better reliability. Add in the Power Thrust design, and you’ve got an even more powerful and world-known Honda four-stroke motor, with 60% more thrust in reverse and 15% more in forward.

    5 Year Factory Warranty – with No Strings Attached


    Additional information

    Shaft Length 25″ (Extra Long)
    Horsepower 9.9 HP
    Starter Type Electric
    Tilt & Trim Power Tilt


    • Power Thrust Design (BFP) – better performance for heavy loads
      The combination of the 2.33:1 gear ratio and the 10″ x 6 1/2″ Power Thrust 4-blade propeller creates 60% more thrust in reverse and 15% more in forward. The result is improved maneuverability and performance.
    • Reverse Exhaust Relief – increased manueverability
      The Power Thrust model’s exhaust relief feature creates more power in reverse by minimizing cavitation around the propeller blades. The exhaust relief is located above the cavitation plate, allowing the prop to run in clean, exhaust-free water.
    • Reliable, efficient 4-stroke design
      World-renowned Honda quality combines proven reliability and superior fuel efficiency, with no oil mixing.
    • Easy One Hand Starting
      The digital CDI ignition retards the spark to top-dead-center during start up to greatly reduce effort required to pull-start the engine by hand.

    • True 5 Warranty
      Honda’s True 5 Warranty is the best in the business. This transferable, non-declining warranty is the same on the first day as it is on the last.

    • Ultra Low 3 Star CARB Emissions
      Environmentally conscious technology. All Honda Marine engines exceed the highest CARB 3-Star rating to meet the rigorous California Air Resource Board’s standards.

    • 4-Front Corrosion Protection System – Fights the elements
      A patented, “Double Sealed” multi-layered paint process. Sacrificial anodes and stainless steel technology, along with waterproof connectors, all enhance corrosion protection.

    • Longer Tiller Handle – improved control
      A convenient longer tiller handle improves control and reduced steering effort. The extended handle is made of a lightweight composite, increasing its durability while decreasing the motor’s weight.
    • Power Tilt (Optional)
      Conveniently tilts the engine out of the water for easy lift-off and transport.

    • PGM Ignition – optimal operation
      A reliable microprocessor accurately controls ignition timing during start-up and across the entire RPM range. This provides optimum overall operation.

    • Engine Alert System – Keeps you informed
      The integrated warning system protects the engine from severe damage due to low oil, over-revving and overheating.

    • Best in Class High Output Charging
      The BF8 and 9.9 provide 2 Amps at 1000 RPM and an amazing 12 amps at only 3000 RPM. Recoil start models produce 6 amps at 3000 RPM. This helps to maintain the battery charge or keep electronics going – even at trolling speeds.

    • Lightweight Rounded Design
      Easy to transport, the Honda BF8 and 9.9 are perfect for small boats, dinghies or auxiliary. The ergonomic design is rounded to avoid catching fishing line.

    • Auto Start Enrichment – easy starts
      Auto Start Enrichment acts as an automatic choke. It automatically adjusts the air/fuel mixture for quick, easy starting and warm-up.

    • Pendulum Mount System – smooth operation
      Honda’s exclusive triangulated rubber mount system absorbs vibration and provides unbelievably smooth operation.

    • EZ Steer Friction Control
      A unique lever design allows you to precisely adjust steering tension for improved control and comfort.

    • Shallow Water Drive
      An innovative shallow water drive feature lets you tilt the motor up, allowing you to easily operate in shallow areas.

      Shallow water drive greatly reduces the risk of engine damage.

    • Up Front Tiller Controls – convenient shifting
      The convenient front-mounted shift lever allows fingertip shifting. The Twist Grip Throttle & Tensioner minimize driver fatigue.

    • Integrated Carrying Handle – easier transport
      A integrated carrying handle makes transporting the engine a breeze. The convenient, foldaway carry handle is situated at the exact top/bottom balance point of the engine. This means the engine carries more easily in a level position.

    • Positive Lubrication for better durability
      A crankshaft-driven, automotive-style trochoid oil pump ensures long-term durability of critical engine components.



    9.9 HP BFP10D3XHT
    Model Year
    107 lb
    Country Of Manufacture
    9.9hp @ 5,500 RPM
    Shaft Length
    25″ (Extra Long)
    Trim & Tilt
    Power Tilt
    4-Stroke OHV, 2 Cylinder/4 Valves
    222 cc (13.5 cubic inches)
    Bore & Stroke
    58 mm x 42 mm (2.3 x 1.7 inches)
    Full Throttle RPM Range
    4,500-5,500 RPM
    Cooling System
    Water Cooled
    Fuel Delivery
    1 Carburetor
    Ignition System
    Starting System
    Through Hub
    Wet Sump
    Trim Range
    5-Stage 4°-8°-12°-16°-20°
    Tilt Range
    Gear Ratio
    Gear Shift
    Alternator with Voltage Regulator
    12-Amp (148 Watt)
    4-Blade Aluminum
    Diameter x Pitch
    10 x 6.5 Inches
    Oil Pressure Alert
    Temperature Alert
    Overall Width
    345 mm / 13.6 in.
    Transom Height
    XL Type 635 mm / 25 in.

    What’s In The Box

    • Fuel Tank
    • Aluminum Propeller
    • Owner’s Manual & Tool Kit
    • True 5-Year Warranty


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