2020 Yamaha 4 HP F4SMHA Outboard Motor


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    2020 Yamaha 4 HP F4SMHA Outboard Motor

    Yamaha’s smallest Portables, the F6, F4 and F2.5, weigh in at as little as 37 pounds, with streamlined overhead-valve, one-cylinder designs. Their light weights, combined with built-in carrying handles, resting pads and an oil-leak prevention system for on-side storage capability create true portability. Add to that their efficiency, performance and reliability and these pint-sized powerhouses are perfect for all sorts of light duty, like hopping to the cuddy on a tender. Wherever the day takes you, you can take along a little extra power with an F6, F4 or F2.5 Yamaha Portable.



    • Overhead Valve Design
    • Built-in Auxiliary Priming Pump
    • Streamlined Intake Manifold
    • Long Span Mount System
    • Oil Separator
    • Dynamically Balanced Crankshaft
    • Labyrinth Exhaust

    Reliability / Durability

    • Pressurized Lubrication
    • SST Drive, Prop, Shift Shafts
    • Phaze Five Paint System
    • CDI Ignition System
    • Built-in Fuel Filter

    Convenience / Control

    • 180 Degree Steering with F-N-R Shifting
    • Easy Storage Oil Retention System
    • Standard Tiller Handle
    • Easy Start Decompression Device
    • Lubrication Check Window
    • Multiple Gripping Points
    • Dual Transom Clamps
    • Integrated Fuel Tank – 1.1L
    • Tilted Fuel Fill Opening
    • External 3.1 Gallon Fuel Tank Optional
    • Propeller 3 Blade Standard
    • 15 inch Shaft Length
    • Weighs Only 59 Lbs


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