2018 Yamaha F25 Portable Mechanical ES PT F25LC Outboard Motor


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    2018 Yamaha F25 Portable Mechanical ES PT F25LC Outboard Motor

    Our 432-cc 25-hp portable outboard sports a new, streamlined, portable design and class-leading power-to-weight. In fact, it’s the lightest 25-hp outboard on the water—two-stroke or four-stroke. While its streamlined design is 25 percent lighter, it still packs exciting features like battery-less EFI. Pull-start models can now take advantage of this feature, plus the system is designed with an automatic decompression device to require even less effort for manual starting.

    2018 Yamaha F25 Portable Mechanical ES PT F25LC Outboard Motor

    Convenience & Control

    • CORROSION PROTECTION: Combined with our proprietary alloy (YDC-30), our exclusive Phaze Five™ electro-deposited, anti-corrosive paint system provides a tough, five-layer barrier against corrosion. This protection is standard on all Yamaha Portable four-stroke outboards.
    • MAX MANEUVERABILITY: A 45-degree steering angle in each direction means great maneuvering potential.
    • EASY ENGINE FLUSHING: A Freshwater Flush Device allows you to flush the engine without running it, for added convenience and extended engine life.
    • PORTABILITY AND STORAGE: Incredible light weights, built-in resting pads and carry handles, an easy oil retention system and an optional folding tiller handle, allow for easy carrying and on-side storage without oil leakage or cowling scuffs.

    Power & Performance

    • EFFICIENT POWER: The F25, F20 and F15 all feature a two-valve-per-cylinder, single-overhead-camshaft design that provides better breathing and more power.
    • OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE: An optimally balanced crankshaft and labyrinth exhaust deliver smooth power, while Microcomputer Ignition adjusts timing to maintain maximum engine performance, economy and power under all conditions
    • STREAMLINED INTAKE: An intake silencer and manifold on the F20 and F15 result in more direct airflow, for minimum noise and maximum power.
    • RESPONSIVE ACCELERATION: An acceleration pump on the F20 and F15 gives the engine the fuel it needs–when it needs it–like during rapid throttle advance. This ensures responsive acceleration.

    Reliability & Durability

    • OPTIMAL OPERATION: CDI Microcomputer Ignition monitors throttle position, engine speed and atmospheric conditions in order to precisely adjust ignition timing under all conditions for optimum ignition performance, ensuring smooth and reliable operation.
    • WET SUMP: A pressurized oil delivery system incorporates a compact and durable oil pump to keep all of the moving parts of their SOHC systems lubricated and running smoothly for maximum reliability.
    • ENGINE WARNING SYSTEM: Protects the outboard with a range of functions including: overheat protection and low-oil-pressure warning (automatically reducing maximum RPM to 2000), over-rev protection, start-in-gear protection and shift-in prevention at open throttle.

    2018 Yamaha F25 Portable Mechanical ES PT F25LC Outboard Motor

    General Information

    Model Year
    F25 Portable Mechanical ES PT
    Model Code


    Alternator Output
    16 amp


    Engine Type
    2 cylinder
    CDI Microcomputer
    Through propeller


    25 Horsepower
    432 Cubic Centimeter
    Bore x Stroke
    65 x 65.1 mm (2.56 x 2.56 in)
    Shaft Length
    Dry Weight
    141 lbs


    Remote mechanical controls
    Fuel Type
    Fresh and Salt Water
    Full Throttle RPM Range
    5,000 – 6,000 rpm
    Fuel Induction

    Wet sump
    Recommended oil – Yamalube® 4M
    Oil capacity with filter – 1.1 l
    Oil capacity without filter – 1.0 l

    Thermostatic control
    Gear Ratio
    Gear Shift
    Forward, neutral, reverse
    Trim System

    Power trim and tilt
    -3° through +16°
    Degree of tilt – 63°



    3 Year Limited Pleasure, 1 Year Limited Commercial

    2018 Yamaha F25 Portable Mechanical ES PT F25LC Outboard Motor


    1 X Outboard Motor

    1 X Outboard Tiller Handle

    1 X Fuel Tank

    1 X Quick Connect Fuel Line tilt switch

    1 x Teleflex SL3 Throttle control Top or side Mount ? + Free Installation Universal Cables

    1 X Outboard Warranty Card from manufacturer Valid 5 Years Depending on outboard type

    1 X Standart Aluminum Propeller Depending on outboard Brands , type & Horse power.

    1 X Trim limiter

    3 X Gall Free Oil Depending on outboard Brands Yamalube, Honda Marine Oil, Mercury Premium Oil

    1 X Stainless Outboard Anti-Theft

    1 X Book Owner’s Manual Guide from manufacturer

    1 X Ebook Installation Guide & And how to take care of the engine properly.

    3 X Cable Protection System Length 800mm


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