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1. Core Purchasing/Inspection
Our first step is a thorough inspection of every powerhead or gearcase we purchase. Our experts carefully consider each part from every angle to ensure the part can be remanufactured like new. This means that some parts simply do not meet our strict standards for resale. We only buy quality parts so we can pass quality on to you.

2. Cleaning
Next comes cleaning. The parts that meet our initial standards requirements are fully disassembled and each piece is cleaned in a high-pressure jet acid bath then carefully re- examined.

3. Machine Work

An engine only runs if the machine work is done correctly and this is by far the most important step in our process. Our experts have spent years learning how to carefully re-machine any wear and tear so that every piece of the engine runs like new. State of the art Rottler and Sunnen Hone and Bore Machines ensure proper machine work and performance down the road. All cylinders will be bored to the same size and no more than .030 over to allow future machine work if needed. We want our customers to have long-term use out of the products we sell.

4. Reassembly

At this point, it’s time to put the pieces back together. Because of proper cleaning and machine work on powerheads, our reassembly and calibration process goes quickly and smoothly. We assembly 10-50 gearcases or powerheads at a time, and we only use new parts in our products.

5. Painting

We know our customers care about their boats, and they want a product that looks as great as it runs. We take great care to ensure that every part looks clean and has a professional paint job.

6. Inventory
After the painting process, our products are foam-packed, boxed, and placed in inventory. We have a daily inventory update letting us know how many of each SKU we have on hand at any time. This allows us to get the product to you quickly and efficiently.

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